Milpitas Outpost Grows from Scratch

Golden State Division

Under the leadership of Envoys Ezekiel and Diana Guevera, in charge at the Milpitas, Calif., outpost, The Salvation Army is touching lives in significant ways.

Hispanic comrades from the San Jose Temple Corps, Redwood City Temple Corps, and the Santa Clara Citadel Corps attended a rally recently where nine Senior and seven Junior soldiers were enrolled by Golden State Divisional Commander Lt. Colonel Richard Love.

These people, who for the most part were from the Milpitas outreach, came to the Army through the ministry of the Gueveras over the past few months.

It was an enthusiastic meeting, with great appreciation and praise given to the Lord for adding these new converts and soldiers to the ranks. Special music was provided by the Milpitas Praise and Worship Team, and a lovely solo, “Not too Far from Here,” was sung by Betsy Guevera, the Envoys’ daughter. The song spoke of reaching out to the people in our neighborhoods, people not too far from where we are.

“We are praising God for adding the new converts to the ranks of The Salvation Army,” said Captain George Rocheleau, Santa Clara County Coordinator. “We know God will continue to bless this ministry as time goes on.”

The Gueveras, who are originally from Fresno, Calif., arrived in Milpitas–a small community just north of San Jose, and nestled beneath the foothills–last August with virtually nothing. “They had no building, no contacts and literally started from scratch in developing a viable Salvation Army ministry,” said Rocheleau. “They are to be congratulated for their impressive progress.”

“They have done an excellent work in Milpitas,” said Captain Dawn Rocheleau, Santa Clara Citadel corps officer. “They started the ministry from nothing–they didn’t have even one person.”

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