Midday Madness Adds Its Own Flavor

WINNER–Ashley Mateo-Racuya, 11, took first place with a Tahitian dance.

Midday madness, the exciting Saturday noon event in the Arena, was a family affair quite unique on the Congress calendar of meetings. With buffet lunch refreshments provided from the patio area the “Side Street Strutters” circus band led our international and territorial leaders as well as the several thousand delegates into the big “tent.”

“We wanted a time for families to be together,” stated Gordon Bingham, territorial social service secretary and event chair. “We planned for a relaxing, easygoing time of fun, food and fellowship,” he said.

With Majors Chick and Margaret Yuill, Pasadena Tabernacle corps officers, as “ringmasters” the audience witnessed the daring of Team Extreme, a group of roller blade and skate board professionals.

The sensational juggling beyond any reasonable comprehension executed by The Passing Zone thrilled the audience. Salvationists Steve and Barbara Allen got the group singing enthusiastically.

Six batches of kids demonstrated their own creative hijinks as they participated in the Opporknockity Tunes contest. These unique musical renditions were designed to trigger hilarity. They featured The O-Side Kazoos from Oceanside; Toy Boy head bonkers from the San Francisco Asian American Corps; a duet from Seattle Temple; the group, The Jaynes Boys; and CFOT ‘s interpretation of Elvis. Ashley Mateo-Racuya of Kaneohe, HI, corps was judged to be the contest winner and received the grand prize of a Nintendo 64. All contestants received a portable CD player.

The planning committee consisted of Bingham, the Yuills, Capt. Sheryl Tollerud, Mike White and Robert Docter.

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