Mid-Columbia Corps celebrates Easter

Youth enrollments and activities emphasized in Richland, Wash.

YPSM Rachel Boyce, Major David Sholin, Morgan Huff, Heaven Sanchez, Captain Michael Lutcher, Daija Birden, Captain Kelley Lutcher, Lexie Diaz [Photo by Deanna Sholin]

The Mid-Columbia Corps began Easter celebrations on Palm Sunday with the commissioning of Rachel Boyce as the new Young People’s Sergeant Major. Captains Michael and Kelley Lutcher, divisional youth leaders, along with Divisional Music & Gospel Arts Director Matthew Woods, with his wife Nicola, were special guests. Captain Michael Lutcher enrolled four new junior soldiers, with parents and grandparents looking on. After the service, two Sunbeams were quizzed and passed their Commissioner Sunbeam tests.

An Easter party was the theme of the Wednesday night troops program. Over 50 children participated in games, an egg hunt, and a demonstration of materials that emphasized the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. The children were featured in the Easter Sunday morning service, along with special vocalist Rhonda Rothrock. Thirteen children rededicated their lives or made a first-time commitment to the Lord.

Majors David and Deanna Sholin are the corps officers at Mid-Columbia.

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