Messengers of Compassion reveal what they love about The Salvation Army

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The cadets of the Messengers of Compassion Session from the College for Officer Training at Crestmont are set to be commissioned as Salvation Army officers. Get to know the cadets and hear what each had to say on what they love most about The Salvation Army.


Cadet Joshua Dulay

“The Salvation Army has impacted my life on many levels. First, and I believe most importantly, it provided a path to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This was facilitated through the Adult Rehabilitation Center in Canoga Park. I love how this program takes broken people and restores their lives. And it is done with a Jesus-driven purpose that not only restores physically, but spiritually as well. I see this example set in many of the social service programs that the Army has across the globe. It not only inspires, but it motivates me to be obedient and faithful to the calling that God has placed on my life.”

Cadet Roxana Espinoza

“What I love most about The Salvation Army is that it was founded as an organization that is made up of people who are united by the love of God and man, especially to make known the message of God’s salvation to those who do not know him, and provides physically and spiritually to the most unprotected members of society. When I have had the opportunity to visit a warming shelter, I feel the presence of Jesus, through the homeless, telling me this is what I want you to do in your ministry, and that you should give them love as if you were giving it to me. The homeless strike me most, and I hope that God continues to provide me with the love for the most unprotected.”

Cadet Rosanna Garcia

“The Salvation Army is a selfless, caring and embracing family. I have met amazing people that display sincere compassion, a loving smile, and who are obedient to God’s prompting. All with one mission and that is to love God’s people. When I needed someone to stand in the gap for me when I was in an unhealthy relationship, a friend came right away. Not passing judgement, but she was there to listen. When I couldn’t afford to take my kids to summer camp, they were given the opportunity and that was the greatest gift. There is no way I would’ve been able to fully pay for all the things they were able to do, but with help from The Salvation Army they were able to have genuine fun during the summers. I am so grateful for all the people I have met and the programs available from The Salvation Army.”


Cadet Omoduni George-Kawaley

“One of the things I love about The Salvation Army is how they blend ministry with service. To me, wholistic ministry is very important—body, soul and spirit. Recently, I was at the warming shelter program in Spokane, Washington. The beneficiaries are referred to as guests, not clients, which made them feel important. Even though this program is fully sponsored by the state, guests there can feel the tangible presence of God through the love and care of the staff and volunteers. Their strategy was to go around and ask the guests to share something positive about their day. This provided not only opportunities for connections but also ministry.”


Cadet Denise Litreal

“The Salvation Army has provided me a platform to be used by God in greater ways than I ever thought possible. The Salvation Army has given me the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in many tangible ways. I love that The Salvation Army has many elements and components. When we serve in the leadership of the Army, we get to serve those in need, love the unloved, teach the children, visit the sick, cook and serve hundreds of meals and meet with community officials—sometimes all in the same day! I love where the uniform takes us. Some days that might be on the front lines of an EDS [Emergency Disaster Services] disaster.

The possibility to serve with The Salvation Army is endless! Honestly, this is the best and most interesting job/calling in the world!”


Cadet Mark Litreal

“What I love about The Salvation Army is its capacity for networking. The Salvation Army is a network of resources and knowledge, and each corps provides a piece of a grander puzzle. I have seen corps unite, join forces and draw on each other for resources and other capitol in ways you won’t see in other denominations. I think it is one of the things that makes The Salvation Army as strong as it is and could even potentially be stronger. This type of network is great for getting God’s kingdom work done. We don’t have to rely on ourselves or our corps alone, but we have a great network of people, resources and knowledge that can be shared, multiplied and released into the world. The Salvation Army already does this in effective ways, and if we could reach our potential in the area of networking, the impact on the kingdom of God would be incalculable. That is one thing I love about The Salvation Army.”


Cadet Christopher Noble

“What I love about The Salvation Army is the way the Army puts Christianity into action. The Salvation Army does a beautiful job of helping the people in their communities, taking care of their needs and is able to make emotional connections with people in the name of Jesus.”


Cadet Gina Noble

“What I love about the Army is the way that we all worship our great God uniquely and distinctly, but when we come together, our offering of praise becomes like heaven.  Prayer in different languages, interpretive dance, brass music, children singing and powerful spoken Word—this is our creative Revelation 4:9 right here and now. When the living creatures come together to give honor and glory and thanks to him who sits on the throne, and who lives forever and ever. ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.'”


Cadet Mony Oregel

“From the day I surrendered my life to Christ, The Salvation Army welcomed me and loved me when I didn’t have love in my life—when I felt no love. The Salvation Army has given hope for the future for me and family.”


Cadet Colin Davis-Pederson

“Among the things I love about The Salvation Army are the opportunities to impact lives through the services we provide the community. Every day, many of our corps have a great number of people coming to us in need of assistance, and we have the opportunity to provide them with the tangible needs of today, as well as hope that can get them through tomorrow. The old saying of “heart to God, hand to man” at work every day and we get to be part of it.”


Cadet Felecia Davis-Pederson

“Having attended church all my life, I have been in God’s family for a long time.  However, it was not until visiting a Salvation Army corps and learning more about the mission of The Salvation Army that I felt I had found where I needed to be and where I truly belonged. I love the heart of The Salvation Army. The mission to love the unloved, serve those who are unseen, and treat each person with dignity and respect is something I get to do within the ministry of The Salvation Army. This is a great privilege and I believe God’s desire for all of us as his children.”


Cadet Brian Qualls

“The Army feels like home.

As a Cadet, I have served in corps from Hawaii to Montana, Alaska to Arizona. Each location greeted me as a friend and brother in Christ. This overwhelming sense of belonging gives me strength for every endeavor. Belonging is exactly what I needed when my family first came to the doorsteps of The Salvation Army. As a young kid, on the verge of puberty and acne, I found myself in an awkward stage in life. I didn’t know what it was like to belong. I often felt like an outcast, and questioned my place in the world. It took some time and trust, but eventually I found my place among God’s people. I was overwhelmed with their love and support. Not only did I belong, but I was recognized for my gifts. I found confidence, determination and purpose because of the small investments many officers, soldiers and friends of The Salvation Army made in me. I proudly carry that with me every day. I’m not in this fight alone. No, I am surrounded by a throng of people who want to know God deeply, and who want others to belong.

And, we want you to find your place with us. This can be your home too. So, come home.”


Cadet David Shatto

I love the international scope of The Salvation Army, and how territories support each other through World Services, Partners in Mission, Service Corps and other initiatives. I received my calling to officership in a small village in Guatemala while I was a participant in the Canada and Bermuda Territory’s Overseas Work Team. “As members of Christ’s Church we are all engaged in mission to the whole person and the whole world through the power of the Holy Spirit.”


Cadet Diane Shatto

“What I love about the Army is that it is a home for the homeless. We are all homeless until we find God. Titus 2:11 says, For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. William Booth wanted nothing more than to offer a place where all people, regardless of social class or status, could learn about, accept and grow in that grace that God so freely offers. Wherever I have ministered in my two years of training as a cadet, whether in California, Arizona, Colorado, Alaska or Hawaii, I have met people who have found their place in the family of God because of The Salvation Army faithfully preaching the gospel to all without discrimination and welcoming all to make The Salvation Army their spiritual home.”


Cadet Terri Snyder

“I love The Salvation Army because it is made up of people who truly love the Lord, the mission of The Salvation Army, and honor their calling from God, to serve those without a voice. Growing up in homes where severe addictions and abuse were the daily norm, and the foster care system bouncing me from home to home, I wasn’t wanted by anyone. As a youth, the officers and corps members accepted me without any questions, judgments or conditions. They showed me the love of Jesus, taught me his ways, his love, his grace and his mercy. That is why I love Jesus and follow him wherever he calls, and why I am proud to be giving my life in service to The Salvation Army as an officer, and to be able to be the light God calls me to be to his hurting world.”


Cadet Jonathan Tollerud

“I love the reach we have in the name of Jesus. Doing the most good embodies what we desire as we extend our hearts to God and our hands to man, bringing others to the comfort, care and saving knowledge of Jesus. St. Francis of Assisi said it best, ‘Preach the gospel. And when necessary, use words.’ No organization in the world, no church has the opportunity to embody that more than The Salvation Army. I know that cup of cold water given in Jesus’ name, is only the first step in winning the world for Christ. I am appreciative to serve in an army that never hesitates to be there for others.”


Cadet Florenz Jayerica Tumale

“One of the many reasons that I love The Salvation Army is the Spirit-driven unity that is evident throughout the various ministries around the globe. Salvationists around the world continue to follow the mission of our founder by remaining bold in sharing the gospel and radiating God’s love to all regardless of circumstances.”


Cadet David Vargas

“I love that The Salvation Army is very open with what they believe and never try to hide for who and what they stand for.

When I first arrived at The Salvation Army Moreno Valley, I was looking to see what they believed and if their values were similar to my own. When I received the bulletin, I looked at the back page, and there were the 11 doctrines. We don’t hide who we are, and we proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior until the very end.”


Cadet Lucy Vargas

“What I love about The Salvation Army is the ability to have no boundaries to ministry. One of my first interactions with the Army was an Easter weekend celebration. This was what we know as a contemporary open air within The Salvation Army. It was a huge gathering with the entire community where food and gifts were distributed, and to top it off where the message of Jesus Christ was preached. People of all backgrounds were there to receive Jesus’ love in action and in word. I loved being a part of this ministry that literally had no boundaries. Being able to see the church in action in people’s backyards was why I decided this was the vehicle that God would use for us to minister to the world.”

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  1. What an absolute pleasure it is to get to know the Cadets! Thank You Lord for these amazing people! Lead, guide & protect them all, every step of the way!
    In Jesus name! Amen!

  2. What an absolute pleasure it is to get to know the Cadets! Thank You Lord for these amazing people! Lead, guide & protect them all, every step of the way!
    In Jesus name! Amen!

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