Mesquite honors Heide Smith

by Charles Desiderio – 

The Salvation Army’s Mesquite, Nev., Service Center recently presented the Others award to Heide Smith on behalf of herself and her late husband, Rowland “Rollie” Smith. The event, held at the Eureka Casino Hotel, was attended by a host of well wishers, including Major William Raihl, Clark County coordinator; William McCaffrey, area director, and Mayor Bill Nicholes, who spoke with high regard of Heide’s work in support of the Army.

Heide and Rollie gave of themselves and their resources and continue to be a driving force of the phenomenal growth of services provided by the Army in Mesquite. Heide is the reason that the Mesquite Service Center stayed open; due to their support, new programs were added to the services provided. Recently, she was involved with the opening of the Family to Family Center, which has been named “Heide’s Cottage.”

It is rare that two individuals can make such a dramatic impact on a single community and on the services provided by The Salvation Army. Heide and Rollie Smith are examples of complete commitment in service to others.



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