Men’s Breakfast Features A.C. Green


A/CSM Warren Johnson, coordinator for the Men’s Rally, has announced that the Dallas Maverick’s star A.C. Green will receive the Victory Congress Citation of Honor during the Men’s Rally to be held at the Sheraton Hotel on June 7th. “Because of the work he has done for youth and his vibrant Christian witness, A.C. richly deserves recognition by the Army,” said Johnson.

In addition, the Victory Congress Medal of Valor will be presented to Glendale, California firefighter Bill Jensen, whose dramatic recovery from burns suffered on October 22, 1996, in the Malibu fires is so widely known. Jensen’s engine was overrun by fire, and he suffered burns over 97 percent of his body, but despite the odds, he has recovered fully and speaks boldly of the reasons behind that miracle.

All men attending the Congress are warmly invited to attend this event, which will also include an inspirational message from the national commander, Commissioner Robert A. Watson.

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