Meet the cadets of the Bridgebuilders Session

Susan L. Gibson
Home Corps: Santa Maria, CA
Generation Salvationist: First
What brought you to TSA: I visited the Santa Maria Corps,
fell in love with the Army and stayed.
Ministry/Passions: Youth and seniors, and preaching
and teaching.
Hobbies & Interests: Reading, sewing, shopping, concerts,
museums, travel.

David A. Leonard
Home Corps: El Cajon, CA
Generation Salvationist: Third
What brought you to TSA: My parents were officers.
Ministry/Passions: Alcohol/drug rehabilitation;
Pacific Islands culture.
Hobbies & Interests: SA and U.S. history; fishing and hunting;
SA memorabilia.

Words of Life: A glimpse of heaven

Words of Life: A glimpse of heaven

At times we catch a glimpse of a world beyond this one—in the laughter of a

‘LIVE 04’ seeks talent

‘LIVE 04’ seeks talent

by Kyle Smith, Captain LIVE ‘O4—What is it?

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