Maui has a “Super Cool Undersea Bible Adventure”

TOGETHER WITH WINNERS—From left to right: Captain Marcey Hoffschneider, 1st Place—Victoria Tim, 2nd Place —Jessica Gazman, 3rd Place—Elizabeth Reynon. Honor Students: Jessica Gazman, Roselle Della Cruz, Angel Parker, Jordan Ibabao, Rodney Ibabao, A/Captain Christi Taylor.

This year’s vacation Bible school at the Kahului Corps, Maui, was a “Super Cool Undersea Bible Adventure” (SCUBA) full of tons of fun and excitement for over 75 children and 30 adults.

This year saw an increase in participation of young people in the community of Maui—indicating God is at work in the hearts of the young people.

The highlight was graduation Sunday, when over 200 praised the Lord through VBS songs and when 68 children accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in their hearts. The song they loved to sing was the devotional song, “We believe in God” and that is the testimony they gave to their parents and others that day.

“It was such a special moment to see all those young people come to the altar and make the most important decision of their lives,” said Corps Officer Captain Marcey Hoffschneider. “This will be a decision that will change their lives forever. We are committed to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES in reaching the young people on this island. It is just the beginning of great things!”

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