Marie Millington celebrates 100


100th Birthday

FAMILY AND FRIENDS joined in wishing centenarian Marie Millington a happy birthday.

One hundred candles were in order for Ruth Millington’s birthday cake this year.

More than 60 friends and family gathered at her home in Ione, Calif., to help celebrate her 100th birthday. She was born on January 8, 1902, in Manitoba, Canada, in the town of Gladstone.

“Ruth’s sons Bert and Joe put together a gala celebration to commemorate her many years of service to God and others,” reports Major Tom Cisar. “Ruth is known for her positive and happy disposition, along with her constant devotion to Jesus, her precious Savior.”

A Salvationist for 70 years, Ruth soldiered at the Compton and Long Beach Corps, serving as Guard and Sunbeam leader and Sunday school teacher.


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