Major Bonnie Jane Lynch

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Promoted to Glory

Major Bonnie Jane Lynch was promoted to Glory on Nov. 23, 2010, from Shoreline, Wash., at the age of 74.
Bonnie Hoogstad was born June 7, 1936, in El Centro, Calif.

Bonnie was commissioned in the Soul-Winners Session in 1955. Prior to her marriage to Bill Lynch in 1961, she served in corps in Boise and Caldwell, Idaho; San Francisco, Fillmore and Oceanview, Calif.; Billings and Butte, Mont.; Ogden, Utah; and Kake and Juneau, Alaska.

After their marriage, the Lynches ministered in Fairbanks, Alaska, transferring to Anchorage in 1963 where they lived for 12 years. In 1975 they moved to Seattle, Wash., where they remained until their retirement in 1993.

William Lynch was promoted to Glory in 1996.

Bonnie loved to play in The Salvation Army band and she fostered a love of music in her children.

Bonnie also loved Alaska and its people. She had a ministry to the people of Southeast Alaska and was adopted as an “Eagle” into the Tlingit tribe.

In retirement she did not slow down. For many years, she led a prison ministry for The Salvation Army throughout the Northwest. Eventually, she retired full time in Ketchikan, Alaska.

The legacy of Bonnie Lynch is a family that serves God by serving others through music, missions and hospitality.

She is survived by her daughter, Katrina Bartlett; sons, Bill Lynch (Pam), Greg Lynch (Erin) and Doug Lynch; six grandchildren: Emily, Nate, Chris, Nick, Eric and Jack; sister, Jean Anderson; brother, Jan Hoogstad; and sister, Katrina Grundahl.

The Seattle (Wash.) Temple Corps held a celebration of life service on Dec. 4, 2010; participating were Lt. Colonels Harold and Joann Brodin, Lt. Colonel Alfred Van Cleef and Major Barry Dooley.

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