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’98 Brought Challenge, Opportunity

by Sue Schumann Warner – 

What a year! From visioning, Disciples Count, and MISSION2000 updates to typhoons, hurricanes, and tsunamis, to $80 million donated for a community center in San Diego, to the challenge of Army youth at the Life Service Conference and at eXtreme ’98–by all accounts, 1998 was highlighted and punctuated by an Army on the go, ever seeking to live out its commitment to Christ in practical, vital, and innovative ways.

The year began and ended with a call for officers and soldiers alike to examine the West’s vision for the Army in 2000 and beyond. To start the year, Commissioner David Edwards, territorial commander, convened a conference of territorial administrative leaders to examine new directions for the territory. Territorial cabinet members, divisional commanders, divisional and general secretaries, command heads, and territorial department secretaries were all involved.

“Our world is moving at an ever increasing pace. Change is thrust upon us,” said Edwards as he looked toward the Visioning process and the year 2000 in a New Frontier editorial. “New technology and broader and faster communication bring increased global awareness, while simultaneously isolating us more in our own communities. Values become blurred. In isolation, people have more difficulty choosing what is right. There is today a sense of urgency. The Army must keep pace. Nineteenth century planning, timing and programming won’t help us identify and meet the needs of 21st century living. We must change. There is no choice.

“In 1991, when MISSION2000 was launched, the USA Western Territory indicated: ‘…The momentum of MISSION2000 will be projected over the first two decades of the 21st century into Kingdom-building ventures that are visible to the eyes of faith.’

“We are embarking on a process intended to: engage the whole territory in a journey of spiritual discovery; challenge every Salvationist, adherent, advisory board member and employee into becoming personally involved in this effort to discover from God what he wants this Army to be and do beyond the year 2000; give a sense of empowerment to all our people, young and old, women and men, whatever their race or culture, whatever their rank; encourage total commitment to the pursuit of the vision God will give to us, his people.”

In February, Disciples Count–a territorial evangelism and discipleship emphasis–was launched to assist corps in achieving MISSION2000 goals. A comprehensive notebook provided support and resources; TEAM, a new leadership training model, was also announced, adding a discipleship component to the training program built on the foundation of the Master Leader’s Key Plan.

In March, the West conducted a comprehensive survey of soldiers, officers and adult church attendees to obtain information including demographics, commitment, spiritual vitality, and factors contributing to corps growth.

In July, Edwards set in motion a strategic planning process, the Guiding Coalition, a grass roots effort designed to identify new goals through the year 2010.

September saw the beginning of the Visioning Rallies, held in every division, which revealed the results of the territorial survey (more than 7,000 individuals and 295 corps responded) and called on corps to create their own vision statements.

Youth–More than 160 young adults and youth leaders attended the Life Service Conference, where they gathered to seek the Lord and consider his calling on their lives for ministry and service; the West’s first territorial youth forum attracted 116 delegates and youth leaders; Army youth found a call to holy living at eXtreme ’98, where Dr. Tony Campolo was a featured speaker; Sierra Del Mar won the territorial Guards and Sunbeams awards.

Disaster–The year opened with clean-up and relief in Guam in the wake of Typhoon Paka, and closed with ongoing relief in Honduras, where Hurricane Mitch caused millions of dollars in damage and took thousands of lives. In between, the West helped emergency and disaster victims throughout the West, including Tijuana, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Alaska.

Programs–San Francisco continues to meet needs in the midst of repercussions from the Equal Benefits Ordinance; in response to welfare reform, The Salvation Army in San Diego, Monterey, and Orange County, Calif., has initiated Sal/WORKS, a program to provide a brief orientation, placement in a job, and support services which include a continuing relationship and counseling; women from Los Angeles Central Corps minister in eight barrios, where life is a constant battle against gangs, drugs and violence; Hollywood and Escondido, Calif., Silvercrests dedicated; Maui Home League outreach touches lives; Northwest dedicates Camp Arnold Nature Center; Westwood Transitional Village breaks ground; Del Oro buys new camp facility; Portland’s Moore Street Corps battles to save kid’s lives and souls; San Diego ARC partners with police to help homeless off the streets; Carpenteria ARC opens recovery corps; more than 900 kids play Army soccer in Watsonville, Calf.

GENEROUS–Philanthropist Joan Kroc donates $80 million to The Salvation Army in San Diego for the creation of the Ray and Joan Kroc community Center.

PLEASED–Lieutenants Jorge and Dierdry Garnica were happy to hear they were appointed to San Pedro, Calif.

Events–Philanthropist Joan Kroc donates $80 million to The Salvation Army of San Diego to be used exclusively for the development, construction and long-term operation of The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center; Sears donates 1 million pieces of clothing to charity, with one-third going to The Salvation Army in San Francisco as the Golden State Division dedicates a new downtown multiple service center where it will be distributed; Torrance kettle worker Janet Link saved the life of 2-week-old Isaac Alcaraz by performing CPR; Academy award-winning actress Shirley Jones joins cast of THQ Good Friday drama as Mary Magdalene; prayer summit highlights Commissioning Weekend; Alaska Division Congress celebrates 100 years of service; International Spiritual Life Commission examines the spiritual life and total ministry of Salvationists; Builders of the Kingdom commissioned and ordained; Forward 2000 Session welcomed; Edwards cancels all corps reviews for 1998 to be replaced by corps Visioning exercises; Army of Stars features Reba McEntire and Walter Cronkite.


Appointments–Colonels Dennis and Noella Phillips to lead Caribbean Territory; Colonels Bill and Gwen Luttrell to chief secretary and territorial secretary for women’s organizations; Colonels Donald and Esther Sather as personnel secretary and women’s ministries secretary; Majors Donald and Debora Bell as Sierra Del Mar divisional leaders; Lt. Colonels Harold and Joann Brodin as Intermountain divisional leaders; Lt. Colonel Sharon Robertson as assistant chief secretary; Major Linda Markiewicz as assistant secretary for personnel; Majors Terry and Linda Griffin as Alaska divisional leaders; Majors Douglas and Diane O’Brien as CFOT training principal and director of special services; Commissioners Joe and Doris Noland to lead Eastern Territory.

Retirements–Commissioners Kenneth and Barbara Hood, Lt. Colonels Mervyn and Shirley Morelock; Majors Earl and Annette McInnes, Majors Kenneth and Joan Angel, Colonels Bruce and Dorothy Harvey; Majors Oliver and Geretta Stenvick; Majors Robert and Irene Lloyd; Majors Rex and Polly McCully; Majors LaVergne and Barbara Nickerson; Major Dianne Bassett;

Promotions to Glory–Mrs. Brigadier Minnie Wiseman (R), Mrs. Brigadier Amy B. Allen (R), Lt. Colonel Margaret B. Cox (R), Brigadier Isabel McVean (R), Mrs. Brigadier Helen Mosely (R), Lt. Colonel William H. Scarlett (R), Brigadier Forrest Lee Mosely (R), Major Harold E. Peterson (R), Colonel Harold G. Barry (R), Major Richard Smith (R), A/Captain Mnester McKay (R), Mrs. Brigadier Frances Lloyd (R);Major Daniel Wun; Major John Begonia (R); Major Joe Viola (R), Lt. Alina Henderson, Brigadier Sara Jones (R), Brigadier Erma Garman (R), Captain James E. Wilson (R), Brigadier Mable E. Ford (R)

God of Elijah, Hear Our Prayer …. Send the Fire!

God of Elijah, Hear Our Prayer …. Send the Fire!

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