Looking back, looking ahead…


This has been a year of transitions.

Slowly, we try to understand and confront the meaning of a war on terrorism and its implications for life in a free society. Painfully, we have had to come to grips with the paradox of the use of our freedom as a weapon against us ­ where, if maintained, we place society at continued risk, and, if diminished, we provide a victory for the terrorist aggressor. With difficulty, we strive to comprehend the skewed belief system of a few who have strayed so far from the religious principles of their faith. How can anyone turn four passenger planes into kamikaze bombers and bombs?

This Army of Salvation took their hatred and responded with love as thousands of volunteers from around the nation ministered to rescue workers at what has become “ground zero.”

We have dealt with our feelings and examined our thoughts as the leadership baton was passed to a following generation at every level of Salvation Army service ­ internationally, nationally, territorially ­ in two divisions and too many corps.

We’ve started new programs and let old ones wither away.

We have promoted to Glory steadfast warriors who gave their lives on behalf of others.

We have learned new skills and started running at a faster pace as we have experienced within ourselves new expectations ­ new possibilities ­ new dreams.

“She is his baby Sophie

“She is his baby Sophie

“When you read her story, remember the birth of another baby 2,000 years

Tiny Kalispell practices holistic ministry

Tiny Kalispell practices holistic ministry

Day care, dental and medical clinics help others NEW JUNIOR SOLDIERS at the

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