Living life with God

Workshops during Commissioning weekend have life-changing potential.

How can we become more like Jesus in our thinking, acting and living? How do we see God and find balance in our daily lives? How can we develop character and build community?

Discover answers to these and other crucial spiritual life questions at the Life with God seminar June 15, during Commissioning weekend in Pasadena, Calif.

Hosted by the Western Territory’s Spiritual Life Department, the six-session seminar presents a revolutionary concept from the Aprentis Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation. It is based on a series of books, “The Good and Beautiful God,” “The Good and Beautiful Life,” and “The Good and Beautiful Community,” by James Bryan Smith. He and his team will present the seminar series. Topics include:

•The most important thing about  you (and your church)

•What is the kingdom of God?

•What can we do to grow our relationship with God?

•The number one spiritual illness of our day

•The power of community


Learn how to fall in love again with the God Jesus knows, how to put on the character of Christ, and how to follow the Spirit, extend grace and demonstrate love.

“This seminar comes at a critical time in our history,” said Spiritual Life Development Secretary Major Steve Bradley. “A time to feed our hunger for holiness, and to experience the total transformation God always intended for us!”

Each session is designed to equip, encourage and empower officers, ministry leaders and local officers to become more Christ-like themselves, and to help them help our people experience total transformation. Spiritual formation expert Dallas Willard calls this “the best practice I have seen for Christian spiritual formation.”

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