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(Note: The Western Territory is sponsoring Capt. Mafuta at the International Literary & Publications Conference in Washington D.C., April 22-29, 2005.)

My name is Denis Mafuta. My wife Modestine and I have five children. An only child myself, I was born to a Christian family and my parents were deacons in our Catholic church. As a young boy, I was very serious about the church—my dream was to become a priest or a journalist. Reading and writing have always been my passions!

When I was a few years older, I left my parents and attended a small Catholic school for six years. Here, in secondary school, I mastered Latin, Greek and French.

After my father died suddenly, I changed my mind about my future, deciding not to pursue the priesthood. I went to Lubumbashi University, where I studied Latin literature for two years. When I left the university I began teaching Latin, French and Greek in two local secondary schools. I spent many years there—then came the calling of God.

I entered The Salvation Army Training College in 1989. My first appointment, as corps officer in Kalamu Corps in Kinshasa 1 Division, was a good experience—God was with me. I realized that God was all for me! I spent six blessed years in this corps.

From 1995-1999, while serving as corps officer, I took many literature and writing classes. During this time, I became assistant editor. Since July 1999, I have been the territorial editor (Congo and Angola Territory). Two years ago, I was admitted to a university as a student in journalism. I will graduate in March 2005.

Regarding my current appointment, I thank our God for everything. I believe that writing is the best way to reach a lot of people and to tell them the story of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is not easy to write and to be understood. But I like it. God is marvelous. May he use me as a real instrument—one who writes to win new souls to Christ.

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