Life Service Conference Challenges 174

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Crestmont Campus

Edwards Urges Delegates to Heed Christ’s Call

life service WORSHIP–Special music played an important role in the conference.

Young adults from all over the Western Territory descended on the Crestmont campus for the 1999 Life Service Conference, filled with excitement about what the Lord had in store for each of them. When they arrived, the 174 delegates were charged and ready for the weekend ahead–but didn’t really know what to expect.

From the opening night welcome session, the Holy Spirit began to work. Through prayerfully planned workshops, seminars, meetings, the Saturday night concert and the closing Sunday morning worship, the conference theme “Soul Desire” was woven. Though they had not conferred, each speaker’s message seem to build upon the one before–all related to obeying God’s life calling. Commissioner David Edwards was the guest speaker on Sunday morning and his thoughts again encapsulated the theme and purpose of the weekend: for all of us to be open to God’s calling and leading in our lives. He emphasized a calling to holiness, for renewal and for mission in every aspect of our lives.

All the special music, from the Praise Band, the delegate choir, L.A. Mass Choir, to the conference special guest Captain Miriam Oskarsdottir from Iceland–all focused on God’s will for our lives, our obedience to him, and his desire for holiness in us. It was truly amazing and miraculous to see how the Lord worked and brought it all together.

The Holy Spirit challenged, channeled, and changed the lives of the delegates to a deeper commitment to his call. As the song says, “My soul desire is to be used…” Each delegate came away with that printed upon their hearts.

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