Life is good at 100!

Husband and wife born nine days apart celebrate their birthdays.


Marion and Joe Epler with John Magnenat Photo by Bertha Ericson

By Joyce Johnston

A hundred years is a long time to do anything but Joe and Marion Epler—of the Seattle Temple Corps—have found living to age 100 quite easy. The Eplers recently celebrated their joint 100th birthdays at the corps’ senior lunch group. Joe’s birthday is Feb. 18, 1901, and Marion’s is Feb. 27.

Corps Officer Major Linda Harmon presented a corsage and boutonniere to the Eplers. Corps Officer Major Dave Harmon congratulated the pair and opened the celebration with prayer. After lunch, everyone enjoyed a birthday cake baked by fellow senior Inger Burtes.

The couple’s friendship began in the 1930s, but each married someone else. At the age of 87—after their spouses died—they decided it was their time to wed.

The Eplers are generous supporters of the Seattle Temple with both their finances and time. Their gifts include a large American flag that hangs in the Fellowship Hall and kitchen equipment. Joe Epler is a long time member of Kiwanis and has organized bellringing and Toy and Joy Tree volunteers for several years.

“[I] look forward to seeing them each Tuesday at our senior lunch. They are just nice to be around,” Joyce Johnston, soldier and Home League secretary, said.


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