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Regarding Hunter

Lt. Col. William Hunter’s letter from Russia was one of the most powerful reminders of what we are about. I was amazed that he should allow us such a glimpse into the very depth of his soul. I was unable to read it with dry eyes, and have found this was true of everyone I have talked to. In this time when we are so embroiled in petty politics and often consumed with infighting and struggling for control, I look at what our comrades face in these far away places, and it breaks my heart. As I have just purchased a new uniform and I think of the two older ones hanging in my closet, I think of Bill’s poem. His letter is a reality check for us all.

C. Warren Andreasen
Mesa, Ariz.

Today I wept over Lt. Colonel Bill Hunter’s article and poem in the April 30th New Frontier. Tears of joy for the Myak (Lighthouse) Corps ministry in Kiev, for which I pray daily; tears of thanksgiving, for the wonderful opportunities there and for the corps officer Captain Lois Dueck. I also shed tears of frustration because we miss the Salvationists in the Russian Command, Kiev, and particularly the Lighthouse Corps, so very much. We praise God that…the Hunters have clearly seen Christ at work in the lives of these poor, oppressed and victorious people.

Michael F. Olsen, Captain
El Paso County Coordinator


We here at Anderson, Indiana, home of the Gaithers, Sandy Patty, Anderson University, and frequent place for Gospel musicians to visit (Ray Bolz, Gary Chapman, etc.) say greetings to our cyberSalvationists…We’ve subscribed to New Frontier for a year or so now, and will look forward to our paper being online. There are several Salvationists here who frequent the ‘net, so you’ll be hearing from us occasionally.

R. Meyer, Captain

Column Comments

…How much I appreciate New Frontier. I have been tremendously impressed with the quality writing that consistently appears there…Anne Pickup’s always penetrating insights on various topics. I would like to see another Bible study series by Bill Pickup; he gets to the heart of the text time after time. Bob Docter’s On the Corner has an astringent quality that makes one think through an issue.

Wes Trucker
Discipleship Ministries
Jacksonville, Fl.

Flagg’s Focus

Each article written by Major Deborah Flagg adds a great dimension to New Frontier. Her command of each subject, vocabulary and style of writing is impressive.

As a physics teacher for 33 years, now retired, I was fascinated with how she used her knowledge of physics as well as the way in which she incorporated it into A Lesson in Physics (12 April 1996).

Stuart Mepham
Cave Junction, OR

Thanks from Burrows

I’m about to set off for three weeks assignments in Indonesia, conducting officers’ retreats and the Commission-ing. But I wanted to send you this word of thanks for the lovely photos you sent. That New Frontier photograph is a winner (cover- 13 March 1996). You’ll enjoy Melbourne when you come with the Pasadena Songsters. It may lack Sydney’s harbor, but it has more “class”!

Eva Burrows, General (R)


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