Letters to the Editor

Welfare reform

I am very pleased with the recent comments in New Frontier regarding welfare reform. The comments by both Mr. Gordon Bingham and Dr. Robert Docter are, in my opinion, well balanced and insightful. I have received several comments from board members and corps members, all of which were positive and supportive of the position and direction the Army is taking in response to current “welfare reform” issues.

Ronald W. Wildman, Captain
Roseburg, Ore.

Camp memories

Oh, what glorious and blessed memories when I turned to page six of the August 13 issue of New Frontier. I have been reading and fully enjoying the rich blessings of God as I read each issue from front to back. The first article I turn to after the front page is “On the Corner” by Robert Docter.

My sister, Margaret Scott, and I attended summer camp at Pacific Palisades during the summers of 1929-31. I have a copy of the picture as shown in the article. Adjt. and Mrs. Docter (both in the picture) had their little twin boys with them that year. They squealed with delight when their daddy would take them out into the water at the beach, with one little son at a time on Daddy’s back as he took them swimming with him. How many memories and spiritual blessings I fondly recall many years ago.

I would love to receive letters from anyone who attended those camping years. We were soldiers in the Glendale Corps. Lt. Kranz and Lt. Coon were our corps officers. We joined the S.A. in 1926 in Redlands, Calif., under Envoy and Mrs. Arthur Glaeser, followed by Capt. and Mrs. Oakly Morris. In the early ’30s we moved to Hanford, Calif., and once again Capt. and Mrs. Morris were our c.o.’s. Later in the ’40s we again had Envoy and Mrs. Glaeser.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone still living at that time as young people or perhaps friends or family members of these dear ones from years ago.

Alma (Scott) Esrey
242 Hamlet St.
Lemoore, CA 93245

More memories

As an old-timer (almost 90 yrs.) I can tell you that the historical articles are thrilling to read. They are a very accurate picture of Army life. Thank you, Frances Dingman. It helps that the editor is now a chronicler himself and heard the stories firsthand from his mother and father, whom I knew.

Brigadier Sara Jones (R)

Victory enrollment

I was very interested and encouraged to read that there are plans to enroll some 2,400 new soldiers at the upcoming Victory Congress. I am sure there has been significant planning and preparation for such an event. Certainly, the presentation folder they will receive will be meaningful and helpful in their Christian walk.

I wonder if there has been the same amount of planning, meeting, discussion and effort put into a program at the local corps level from which this great throng will come?

*Have they or will they be interviewed by their corps council or census board to determine their acceptance of Christ as Savior?

*Have they gone through an appropriate orientation and training time to learn and understand the doctrines, the structure and the ways of the Army?

*Will they be part of a structured mentoring program, a discipleship program in their corps? Who will take the responsibility of helping to mature these people as Christians?

*Who will teach them and befriend them as Christians once the glory of the event is over?

*Will they be introduced to their spiritual gifts, then be allowed to use their gifts in their local corps setting?

I look forward to a follow-up report in the New Frontier on the ways these new soldiers impact the Army, and the Army impacts their lives.

Paul R. Curnow

Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

Frontlines — News Briefs of the West

By Bob Bearchell – We are pleased to announce actor Jack Lemmon will host

On the Corner

On the Corner

By Robert Docter – He came prepared!

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