Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


HALLELUJAH for DTMG! It’s time for The Salvation Army to stand up and be counted! As a retired employee of The Salvation Army with 17 years experience, I was often frustrated and chagrined that we never received recognition (or PR as you will). We knew we were out there, but the public was often unaware.

Jeff Curnow is to be commended for an intelligent, sensitive and inspiring article (New Frontier, Sept. 10, 2005). I believe the general public is unaware that not only do we serve humanity, but we also serve God—a formidable endeavor. Your mission statement of I AM DOING THE MOST GOOD should help educate the public. During the current disaster, we have often seen a newscaster with the canteens in the background with the red shield, but there was seldom a mention of The Salvation Army.

Ed Amend
Perris, CA

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