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Letters to the Editor

Corps Standard
Re: “Balanced corps ministry,” by Lt. Col. Ray Moulton, New Frontier, Nov. 9, 2004.
What happy news to read that the Army is returning to the corps standard! Recently my wife and I were at the Turk Street Corps, which we pioneered, for the 15th anniversary. The old corps standard of meetings, which we posted in the display board, is still there. Now we face the challenge of moving towards this standard in another brand new corps in Oakland. What you have written resonates in our hearts. I am especially pleased to see that the development of local leadership is highlighted as an annual emphasis.
C. Patrick Granat, Major
Oakland, California

Your news (and opinion columns) often bless me a great deal, but I was disappointed by your cover comment, Christmas 2004 issue, using the word “target.” But, of course, the whole public response from all the Army spokespeople to a prominent chain of stores disallowing us to have kettles at their doors was also disappointing.

If we ever hoped they would change their minds in the future, it is now very unlikely. We should have respected their rights and trusted God to help us make up the deficit. It seemed to me that the Army was trying to pressure the chain into giving us permission. Who do we think we are, Dr. Dobson? Let’s use our “pressure power” to challenge some social evils again, or do we fear that that, too, would lose us too many donations?
Jaime Revadeo, Major
Mexico City

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