Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Evaluating the territory

A number of questions arise after reading “New Frontier evaluates territory” (including “On The Corner,” an addendum to the article) in the July 24, 2004 issue of New Frontier.

1. When you say “New Frontier evaluates the territory,” who exactly does that include? Who is the New Frontier? What qualifies the “New Frontier” (whoever that is) as a straightforward, unbiased and unfettered observer? Once the answer to that is revealed it may raise a number of other questions in the minds of many.

2. The example of the “new Lieutenant’s system” as a “second order change” was also noted. Exactly how does this differ from the “old Auxiliary Captain’s” system apart from semantics and a few other structural changes? Is there flexibility built into the new system as originally intended and designed? If so, that would indeed make this a “second order change.” If not… ? I know that there are many who would be interested in clear cut answers to these questions.

Joe Noland, Commissioner
La Quinta, CA

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