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Letters to the Editor

NF evaluates territory
Thank you for your in-depth article “Update: New Frontier Evaluates Territory” (July 24, 2004). It gives me better insight into where The Salvation Army is going, and demonstrates that the Army cares how we accomplish the journey. I appreciate the commitment of time and energy it took to write.
Ingrid Afshar
Golden State Division
Donor Stewardship Director

Acknowledging our youth
I was in the meeting for the General in Oakland. I enjoyed the service very much. The Timberlets [timbrel brigade] were the best I have seen in a long time and I understand the youngest was only six years old. The audience enjoyed them as much as I did by the ovation they received. I am sure that they put in hours of practice to be able to perform as well as they did.

I have been affiliated with The Salvation Army for over seventy years and have seen young people come and go. We should all try to encourage our young people as much as possible. I was very disappointed when I received my New Frontier and there was not a word about the young people from the Tulare Corps. You did them a disservice by not acknowledging them and encouraging them. I am sure a good number of them will go on to become our new officers.

Encourage these young people by acknowledging them in the New Frontier.
Helen Bawden
Salt Lake City, Utah

Therapy pets
The Salvation Army’s League of Mercy has had a lot of changes lately, including a new name, Community Care. It seems a good time to point out the newest group of members that work with this group: Their limitless love and devotion do a lot to cheer up people in rest homes, convalescent homes and similar places.

And what do they want for doing such things? A kind word, a pat on the head or a chuckle under the chin. And who are they? They are the growing numbers of therapy dogs and therapy pets that go on Community Care visits.

I’m a Salvation Army soldier who has been taking a licensed therapy dog out visiting for years. It would be great to swap stories and adventures with other Salvation Army members who do the same.
Margaret Songer
(aka Bebee’s human)
25566 Elm Ct.
Barstow, CA. 92311
Victorville Corps

Great cover photo
What a great picture on the front of the July 10, 2004 New Frontier. It is powerful. The symbolism of the shape generated by the man in the white shirt is fantastic.
John Smith
Ballarat, Victoria

Trade ads
I enjoy reading New Frontier—it helps me keep in touch with what’s happening in our Army. I have a question: why were the ads from the Trade stopped? Those of us who can no longer get to Trade are unable to purchase Salvation Army items. My biggest disappointment was not knowing the General Larsson spoon was available. I have all the others! I am 83 years old and an avid collector and have hundreds of SA memorabilia.

Dorothy May Woodward
Home League Secretary
Yakima, WA
Good news! You’ll soon be able to shop at Trade from the comfort of your home…at the new Internet resource site. Please check out the story on page one of this issue.

Lt. Colonel Eugene Rice
From the first day I met the colonel, which was when I entered the Training College in 1963, I knew that this man was “God’s man.”

If you want to know what a corps officer is, it is the colonel. No matter what position he held, at THQ, DHQ, or chief side officer, he was first a corps officer. He has the love for people, no mater who they are—the rich, the poor. During my dark days a few years ago, the colonel (the corps officer) wrote, called and visited me, with words of strength and encouragement. With his good wife, Mrs. Colonel Rice, they served as wonderful, caring, loving and in-touch with the people.
Dr. Robert L. Scriven
Reno, NV

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory Brigadier Gwen Carruthers was promoted to Glory on July 21

Frontlines – News Briefs Of The West

Frontlines – News Briefs Of The West

by Sue Schumann Warner –  People die and go to hell because nobody will be

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