Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Inspired by what was written on page six, under “Bond” in your May 18, 2004 issue, I composed this poem. May it bless you and others.

Renewed Confidence

With renewed confidence in God
Who is extravagant in His resources,
a renewed daring is
our proper response.

What do we lack when He has called?
What do we lack when He has empowered?
What do we lack
Except our own obedience?

When we really believe,
When we really know Who we believe,
When we really are willing
To be corrected, to be restored, by the Lord

God embraces us with love,
And leads us into the Path of Righteousness;
There we attain renewed confidence,
a renewed daring in trusting obedience.

You and I do not have to initiate brilliant plans,
Then pray to overcome His reluctance;
God has an extravagant plan
Which we are blessed to boldly share. By Elaine Hardt © 2004

A local Salvation Army person subscribed to New Frontier for me. We are praying for you.
Elaine Hardt
Prescott Valley, AZ

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