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Bradley’s column

I read Major Bradley’s column in the July 25 New Frontier. What a great inspiration! I highly recommend everyone take a few minutes to read this excellent story about his everlasting faith in the face of his problems. While others might have cursed such rotten luck, he instead has grown stronger from it. Thanks, Major, for your wonderful words!

Timothy Schaal

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Camp Centerfold

What a beautiful centerfold was in the July 25 New Frontier. I read and read and read and really enjoyed it until I came to the end of the page and discovered that not once did you mention the longest running camping program in the territory. Camp Gifford, operated by the Spokane Corps, has just celebrated its 75th anniversary, making the opening year 1921. This winter we stayed open year round and are continuing to develop the camp into a full conference center. Over the 10 weeks of summer camp, approximately 1,000 young people attended.

Patti Hunter

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