Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

The power of “one”
I began doing “one ” something different this last month after reading Commissioner Linda Bond’s statement in the February 8, 2003 article, “Making it happen with ‘just one’ of something.”
I took her challenge and: visited one of my neighbors whom I hadn’t met before, prayed at least one more hour a week, drank one less Diet Coke a day (and gave that extra one dollar a day to Self Denial), greeted at least one more visitor at the corps than usual, spent one more hour a week with each of my kids, complimented or encouraged at least one person a day at work, completed one task that had been on my “to do” list for a long time, and made one phone call to a relative that I don’t talk with often enough. It’s a good start for me – and it made a real difference. I wonder if anybody else began doing just “one” something different?

Janene Zielinski, Captain Cascade DHQ

Tidal wave of revival

I want to express my deeply felt thanks to Commissioner Linda Bond for setting our course towards revival (March 6, 2003 New Frontier ). This satisfies a deep yearning in my soul. I will share (her article) with the men here at the San Bernardino ARC. I believe it will encourage the results of the revival meetings we have scheduled this month. Major Frank Ruml has re-introduced knee drill. I’ve read them an account from an all night prayer meeting the Founder led in 1879. The opening night of the revival, Major Rex McCulley is scheduled to preach from his wheelchair. We are planting as best we can the seeds of spiritual fire.
Raymond Perez, Captain San Bernardino ARC

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