Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Electronic Taps

The article about “electronic taps players” (January 11, 2003) by Major Terry Camsey was interesting to me. About two years ago, a World War II veteran died whose daughter was a friend of my daughter. The family wanted a WWII veteran to play taps at his funeral, which was to be held at the national cemetery at Fort Rosecrans–but the honor guards were going to use a “boom box.”

My daughter said, “My Dad will play taps for you.” From this, I became the “on call” bugler at Fort Rosecrans, not just for WWII vets, but for any family that would not abide taps being played electronically.

I started playing the cornet at age 6, in the Meriden, Connecticut Corps band and at age 76 have just enough lip to make it through taps. But playing “Day is done, God is high…” amid over 1,000 crosses overlooking the Pacific and the fleet in the harbor extends the experience of being a Salvation Army bandsman to another area of service to bereaved families.

I am thankful that my Dad “forced” that cornet into my hands 70 years ago.

John (Jack) Tripp
San Diego, CA

Holiness as an act of grace

Thanks to Captain Amy Reardon for her article (January 11, 2003). Perhaps we should offer (rather than push) holiness as an act of grace. The verse that follows our holiness doctrine verse gives the promise, “The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.”

But Rob’s “no reason” response to why he loves her reminds me that Moses told the children of Israel that God loved them because he loved them. (Deut. 7:7-8). He loves us “just because.”

Gerald Koch, Envoy
Intermountain Division

PS: The trouble with the holiness movement is that there is too little holiness and not enough movement.

Get serious!

Thanks so much for Lt. Col. Sharon Robertson’s great column, “Get Serious,” in the December 21, 2002 issue. I agree 100% and would like to join your crusade! However, she did not say how to send in a contribution to make sure it would get to the correct place. I have been retired 12 years and desire to send in my contribution!

William Ricken
Lakewood, CO

(Note: Contributions may be sent to Maj. Bruce Jones, finance secretary – THQ, earmarked: Grant Aided Territories – Retired Officers’ Fund.)

Too well thought of?

I read with interest the article in the [December 2002] Readers Digest about the Army and my first thought was to refer to the scripture. In Luke 6:26 we are warned, “woe unto you when all men speak well of you.” We are well thought of perhaps because we have not taken our stand against SIN in our cities and nations. We are too eager to get the money and we will pay for it.

Edward J. Wycoff

Life challenges club

I hope Sue Warner’s “A Member of the Club” (January 11, 2003) is read by all women within your readership. Thank you for sharing her thoughts and feelings. We can all appreciate her reference to our friend, also the “joiner.”

Pat Liba
Intermountain Division



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Majors Ramos enter retirement

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