Letters to the Editor

Unfailing freshness

My wife and I continue to be stimulated and informed by your pages. There is unfailing freshness in every issue. Corps Sergeant Major Warren C. Johnson’s coverage in your current issue of the introductory meeting in London of the General’s International Spiritual Life commission, with its accompanying team photograph, excites faith and awakes a renewed prayerfulness.

We expressly acknowledge the quality of the contributions which come from time to time from the pen of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Peter Chang. The Commissioner’s June 16th piece, “Follow Me!” is authoritative both pastorally and theologically. His paragraphs contain a dozen or more quality insights, e.g., “Faith is no substitute for thinking: on the contrary it is what makes good thinking possible.” Chang never fails to reach heart as well as mind. Might we hope for publication of a number of his pieces in book form?

Denis Hunter
Blackheath, London

Opening windows

The articles written by Robert Docter (“Young at Heart”) and Terry Camsey (“The Right of Invasion”) in the June 30 issue have found their way to my growing pile of documents which compel me to begin a series of articles on the real dangers of our Army’s management mentality–as opposed to a leadership mentality–and the maladies that old thinking and/or centered thinking yield.

Thank you for your continued commitment to opening the windows of our minds without allowing the essence of who we are to escape.

Jack C. Getz, Major
Dearborn Heights Corps

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