Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the editor

I saw the back page of the Christmas issue of New Frontier and jumped: “happy holidays”? Why not “Holy Christmas”? and decided to write.

However, in lieu of the many, many weeks of thorough challenge, interest, and worth we receive from this paper, a little word of criticism really isn’t important – THANK YOU is more appropriate.

It is a super job you all do – and it is worthy of the super territory you represent. We pray that God will move mightily in your midst.

Vangi and Wally Court
Etobicoke, Canada


I was delighted to receive the Christmas edition of New Frontier with the picture of the editorial staff. Five people, only one of whom I knew, but who, every month have brought spiritual enrichment. Thank you for putting a human face on your editorial staff.

I am quite sure there is a multitude of people like me who feel immensely enriched by the publication of New Frontier, but never get around to saying so. As 2002 comes to an end, I want to say “thanks for the memory” of 22 issues, all of which, in one way or another, brought me closer to God and kindled my passion for one branch of The Salvation Army which otherwise I would not know.

May God himself and Jesus, the living Word, bless everyone who works under the pressure of incessant deadlines, and almost always out of sight, to produce some of the best literature on the market for the blessing of our people.

David Hammond
Lieut. Colonel



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