Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Advisory Boards

My experience with corps’ advisory boards was both fearful and not successful. Experience with advisory councils in social services seemed successful but caused havoc with internal SA relationships. I think Bob Docter’s article is great.

Lt. Col. Sharon Robertson’s coverage of our territorial commander’s determination to “Now Do It” resonates deeply and strongly within me. It will take all of God’s grace we can handle to “do it”; but there is more than enough of it available, and he has supplied his leadership. If we daily believe and obey, I believe we will find ourselves inevitably “implementing the mission.”

Ruth Maynard, Major
Ilion, NY


It was refreshing to see Bob Docter’s article of challenge (August 17, 2002); I felt a sense of support for the idea that great potential lies within the untapped creativity and resourcefulness of our advisory boards.

I am fully aware that our boards are advisory only but are still quite stagnant. With all due respect I say that we (the Army) are a bit stuck in the mud and keep trying to turn the same old wheel in the same old ways.

The problem may be my own as very little is different than when I first started in 1971 or 1972, but being on the finance committee it is plain to see that we aren’t doing the job in getting our message out to the general public, which remains our largest income source. It is still my feeling that our story is incredibly compelling and properly told will bring the results we need to continue our programs.

Don Clinton
Los Angeles, CA



Question from Nigeria

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m an officer’s child and I have been wanting to find an answer to this question:

What is the faith of the youth to God’s service and why have the officers’ children rejected the ways of their fathers?

I believe you will have an answer to my question and I’ll be happy to read from you.

Jacktor Akpan
Nigeria Territory


Keeping in touch

I have been receiving New Frontier for several years and always enjoy every article. I am a former officer (and sister of Major Chet Danielson) and was raised in the Army. The Frontier gives me a chance to keep up with news of The Salvation Army and long-time friends.

Pegi (Danielson) Ackerman
Yakima, WA

Keep territorial leaders in prayer

Keep territorial leaders in prayer

ON THE ROAD Commissioner Linda Bond: Oct

Frontlines – News Briefs of the West

Frontlines – News Briefs of the West

“We know not what part of our work God is going to use in his plans for

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