Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Falling in line

I have just read Capt. Amy Reardon’s column in the June 16, 2002 edition of New Frontier, and wanted to send my word of commendation. She wrote with grace and humor about what is central to the mission of The Salvation Army: every soldier must be a fighting soldier! I plan to cut the article out for my personal file and somewhere down the road find a use for it again.

I think the cosmic struggle we are involved in must be made attractive. Our forefathers followed the flag of sacrifice and suffering, but always with a smile on their face. It was anything but drudgery!

In Canada we look forward to receiving New Frontier and find inspiration in knowing God is blessing the Army in the West with new vision, new initiatives and with new people.

David Hammond
Lt. Colonel

Cookin’ the books?

The full page display of a picture page in your July 20, 2002 issue of New Frontier depicting George Washington in connection with the names of culprits like Enron, Arthur Andersen and WorldCom is of very poor taste and downright disgraceful. The page looks like an advertisement. How could you?

Doris B. St. Louis
Auxiliary Member
Olympia, WA


I loved the article on “cooking the books” written by Major C. Bruce Jones. Very well written and thoughtful article.

Anthony D. Fischer
Hendersonville, NC

Trusting each other

Major Jim Hood’s article “Can I Trust God?” (New Frontier April 8, 2002) was wonderful without being preachy. He shot straight bullets, no shotgun blast. I have put a highlighted copy on my bulletin board and given a copy to our stewardship secretary and missions sgt. I am asking them to use it in instructing the corps members. The principles discussed in this article are ones we practice in our personal lives and have been teaching to our soldiers for years. We are eagerly awaiting his next column, “Can God Trust Me?”

Christi Taylor

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