Letters to the Editor

letters to the editor


This is to thank you and congratulate you and your staff for the unfailing quality, timeliness and substance of each edition of New Frontier.

I especially appreciate “On the Corner,” and your wonderful ability to deal with important subjects in such a simple, concise yet illuminating way. Your column a few years ago on “Standing Tall” is a good case in point. Having received the same words so often when I was a lad, I had the feeling as I read that column, it was my mother talking.

B. Franklin Skinner
Atlanta, GA


Thank you to Lt. Colonel Sharon Robertson for her column, “Committing to deep personal change,” (June 29, 2001). As I have conversations with various people, I sense a deep stirring among us. I think this is a good thing. My prayer is that this stirring won’t just keep us going in circles but that we will come to personal deep change.

Sherryl Van Cleef, Lt. Colonel
So. Calif. Division

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