Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Officer Training

I was interested in Frances Dingman’s article (January 12, 2001) on officer training. Because I think she would like to know about details, I want to comment on this: “Beginning in 1905, when a new Western headquarters was established in Chicago, some were sent there from the West Coast for training. The course then took nine months in a more formal setting…”

My mother, Griselda “Della” Rapson Ringle, was trained in Chicago in 1912 (or maybe 1911). I am sure she told me the training session was a week or two less than six months, and that they had two sessions every year. Following her six months of training, she was made a cadet-sergeant for the following session and was then promoted to Captain.

Edward Ringle (R), Major
Denver, Colo.

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