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Letters to the Editor

Emergency ministry

Thank you for the latest edition of New Frontier, which I have read with interest and will as usual pass on to other people interested in the news it conveys.

Regarding the Littleton tragedy: I was interested to note Capt. Carla Lafayette’s comment that “we need to make a stronger effort at being a church to provide spiritual comfort to victims in times of need.” When some years ago I was divisional youth secretary for Ireland during the height of “the troubles,” I and colleagues were frequently on the scene following bombing and shooting incidents, when the mobile canteen was helpful, yes, in providing physical sustenance, but the spiritual ministry was also crucial.

The last incident I attended was when a car bomb went off, killing two little girls playing in the street. It was a privilege to minister to the Roman Catholic families affected, and I was grateful for thanks received from their priests next day. Later, when among other things I was national emergency officer, I was involved with colleagues in ministering to people as a result of major disasters such as the Zeebrugge ferry disaster. In these situations a ministry to the victims and also the emergency personnel was an essential role for our officers.

Trevor A. Smith, Major
Director: AIDS Support Service
United Kingdom Territory

High Council’s choice

The cover photo on your May 17th issue evoked wonderful memories of five glorious days in Glen Eyrie in 1984. We began each day with a “Half Hour Of Power” led by John Gowans. Can you imagine a better way to start off your day? Another blessing we received that week was hearing Gisele read Scripture. Her charming accent made God’s poetry even more beautiful. I am truly pleased and the Army is surely blessed with the High Council’s choice.

John E. Cormack
CSM, Mesa Citadel, CA


I appreciate the generous coverage of NAOC given by New Frontier. It was an exciting and well-presented conference. Thanks also for the coverage of our workshop Programs of Promise–Syracuse, NY. Could I make (some) clarifications?

The Syracuse Area Services Advisory Board is chaired by Judith M. Sayles, Esq. The SA representative and workshop co-presenter was Major Donald Hostetler, area coordinator. I am executive director. My quote on the keys to effective staffing: “Recognize (good people), recruit (good people), and RETAIN (good people).”

…I continue to be an avid reader of New Frontier as the cutting edge of territorial news publications.

Roberta C. “Bobbie” Schofield
Exec. Dir. for Prof./Comm. Svcs.
Syracuse Area Services, NY

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