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“Hour of Power”

I am writing in response to an article written by Julie Jennings (31 May)…expounding on the Pasadena Songsters appearance on the Crystal Cathedral’s “Hour of Power.”

I am shocked at the total lack of discernment used by the corps officer and Songster director in appearing on a show where the preacher teaches subversive and non-biblical concepts and ideas. Dr. Schuller’s teaching is more in line with self-help humanism (with his “New Reformation” theology) than that of orthodox Christianity.

Mrs. Jennings exclaims great joy at being associated with this ministry. What a sad commentary on The Salvation Army’s obvious inability to equip its soldiers with solid Bible teaching so they are able to spot these counterfeits. Wake up Salvation Army or become a casualty of war.

Troy Hedgren
Aliso Viejo, CA


Column Comments

I wanted to say how much I appreciate “On the Corner.” Your May 15 issue tops it all, with your tribute to Major Bill Pickup.

William R. Mollett (R), Brigadier
Honolulu, HI


The previous issue of New Frontier (15 May) had an article by (Major) Chick Yuill, starting to open Pandora’s box re: The Salvation Army CHURCH. Perhaps, because he has just recently come from Scotland, this new found realization of the Army’s role perception in the States is much different than abroad.

Also, there was an interesting article by (Capt.) Terry Camsey on the subject of the corps officer’s musical chairs. There seems to be a lot more Salvation Army organization “bashing” these days with officers speaking out more than in the past. Perhaps that is a good thing!

David N. Dry
Santa Barbara, C


More on Smedes

Maj. Flagg’s interview with Dr. Lewis Smedes in your May 15 edition caught my attention. Smedes’ views on the homosexual issue are right in part. He notes that there is no firm explanation why homosexuals become oriented the way they are, and there is no clear evidence that homosexuals can change orientation by gumption or by grace. So, Salvationists can agree with Smedes that homosexuals are ‘victims[s] of tragic forces’ who deserve love, concern and care.

But Smedes is wrong in another part. He confuses psychological orientation with sexual activity. The one is a tragic mystery which should elicit compassion and acceptance. The other is a choice, a decision and–we must say–a sin which should be overcome. Hard to do? Yes. But impossible? No.

If a homosexual lives by Biblical standards, does lack of sexual activity consign him/her to a miserable life? No, not unless you buy into the fatuous notion that sex is essential to a full life. Relationships are essential, but sexual relationships are not. Otherwise, to be logically consistent, we would have to agree that every Christian can have sex: teenagers, divorced adults, widows and widowers, etc.

I applaud your effort to think about ethical and moral issues, but I regret that you did not engage Smedes when he challenged our position statement.

Lt. Colonel Kenneth Baillie
Divisional Commander
Metropolitan Chicago


Thanks to all who responded to my request for books to support Major Repass in Guatemala. From Mrs. Henderson in California, to the Millers in Portland, Ore., and Captain H. in Virginia and Lt. W. in Alabama, the voice of the New Frontier covers the land. Our mission is accomplished. The Lord does provide.

B/M Ray Chasse
New Orleans Citadel


The Ballington Story

Kudos, dittos and many hallelujahs for the 31 May center spread…over the years center spreads such as this by Frances Dingman have been one of the finer parts of the paper.

After all, if new soldiers aren’t taught from where and why the Army came to be, it is hard to grasp what it is (today) and why–let alone what direction it should march in the future.

Larry Hickman
San Francisco, CA


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