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Letters to the Editor

Thanks for the memories

Marie and I appreciate your column, and the one on Salvation Army banding was especially enjoyable. Illustrated by your experience at San Francisco Citadel Corps, it brought back many happy memories of that group…

Particularly enjoyable was the article on Christmas music in the Christmas issue, the history of various Christmas music organized by Studwell. We know and sang most of them this Christmas in various settings.

Henry Koerner, Colonel (R)
Santa Rosa CA

The boys in the band

This letter is sent with great affection, as you piqued my memory of junior band years in San Francisco in the December 23 issue of New Frontier. You didn’t remember any girls in the band, but it pleases me to refresh your memory referencing an old copy of The Young Soldier, April 11, 1942, front cover.

Picture number 3, San Francisco YP Band: (from left) Al Newbould, Arn Pedersen, Jum Rogers, Art Rudd, Art Morris, Bette Vincent, Dick Docter, Ernie Callin, Bob Wilmer and Bob Docter. Leader Brigadier Bill Morris. I played first horn. Those were fun days!

Bette Vincent Stillwell
Kailua, HI

Great-granddaughter of “The Consul”

As the granddaughter of Mina Booth-Tucker, I was delighted recently to acquire a copy of New Frontier dated 13 August 1998 in which you featured an article on “The Consul.” My family of five sisters and one brother were particularly taken with the photos that included my grandmother, e.g. the oval one with her mother which we have never seen before, and also the one taken after the tragedy…Needless to say we had heard lots over the years about the loss of her mother and the subsequent good care taken of the family by “Marmie,” who was probably Major Hannah Carr….Could we possibly have a copy of the original photos? Many thanks!

Adrienne Holloway
Wellington, New Zealand


I roared when I read the “Letters to the Editor” and the poem of reply in this New Frontier! It was such a nice “soft answer that taketh away wrath” reply…I think the dear retired lady officer missed one of the essential elements of the Thanksgiving tradition in America. It’s the joy of serving and giving to those you love. It’s Thanksgiving! While it is hard work preparing a Thanksgiving meal, whether for a family of 11 or for the thousands who attend our civic Thanksgiving dinners, the joy and satisfaction that comes from serving this special meal makes it a blessing hard to describe…

Mervyn & Shirley Morelock, Lt. Col.(R)
Territorial Call to Prayer Coordinators

* * *

Major Goddard’s comments about the [Thanksgiving painting by Norman Rockwell], the artist, and Mother’s Day could only elicit a response from me. Apparently…the history behind the Four Freedoms may still not change her opinion of the picture and the artist.

It is said that no other paintings in the world have ever been reproduced and distributed in such numbers as these “Four Freedoms,” created by the artist in 1943. [Distributed in connection with the Treasury Department’s War Bond drives,] they certainly represented a tremendous contribution to the winning of the war.

Don Koski
San Leandro,CA

“Pierced to the Heart”

Captain Carla LaFayette in the December 23 issue asks if researching Scripture regarding the matter of body piercing, tattoos, and other body disfigurement is needed. Obviously, this would be a good place to begin.

The Bible vividly portrays the body as the temple of the Holy Ghost (1 Col. 16:19) to be treated as a sacred gift from the Lord. If our quest is “to be like Jesus” we must readily shun that which gives the opposite impression.

…It is true we must be tolerant of new Christians and those young in the faith, and not to be overjudgmental. Growth in Christ will hopefully dictate the truth that the only legitimate marks are those which one suffers for the sake of the Gospel. Thank you for a periodical that stimulates and broadens the vision of our Army.

Robert E. Chapman, Lt. Col.
Canada and Bermuda Territory

Looking and Listening!

Looking and Listening!

Yuillogistically Speaking by Major Chick Yuill – Here at Pasadena



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