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No. Coast Corps

(Regarding the story “North Coast Women,” April 26, 1998) …I know the communities are small and Salvation Army churches very poor, but they are saving souls and helping those in need when possible.

It is a heart-rending position to face every day with children in so much need. The Bogles are to be blessed for all they accomplish with so little help!

Lillian Conrads
HLM – North Coast Corps
Tillamook County, Ore.

Disciples count

In perusing recent editions, I have noted considerable correspondence relating to “Disciples Count” and the survey associated with same. If it is possible to receive a copy of the survey and also any resource materials relating to Disciples Count, I would be most grateful.

New Frontier is a first rate production–keep up the good work.

Alfred L. Richardson, Major
Bermuda Divisional Commander

(Note: Captain Donna Ames, THQ, is the one to contact for those wishing information on Disciples Count)


I recently discovered New Frontier online. It is a blessing for me. As a past officer it encourages me when I read about the spiritual growth and challenges that the Army is experiencing. I especially appreciate Major Anne Pickup’s column, “Focus.” It always challenges me and gives me food for thought.

Darlene (Horton) Ward

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