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Yuill’s “Titanic”
Major Yuill, in his commentary on the movie “Titanic,” (despite the fact that I disagree with him) makes a valid point about popular culture.

It should be noted, however, that “relevance” is not necessarily a key to worship. I would argue the main reason for the success of Saddleback Community Church, or any other church with such phenomenal growth, is that the members feel they have some ownership and control over the direction the church takes. Church should be a democracy, with mandates given to an elected board chosen by the congregation. This authority should not be limited to who takes up the offering on Sunday, or who’s in charge of the nursery. It should include the appointment and removal of pastors (officers), as well as the ability to appeal or overturn decisions from “on high” when necessary.

The reason The Salvation Army is so meager in its Sunday attendance is mainly due to the fact that it is a dictatorship. We have somehow mutated into believing we are an actual army, where practicing democracy would be impossible, and undesirable. This should not be the case with a church.

Bandmaster Gary Compton
Denver Citadel


I read with interest Major Yuill’s article on the “Titanic,” and the challenge facing the Army. Every coin has two sides, and I’d like to express my opinion. The Protestant faith and the Army in particular are short on tradition. If we are as cold to the Holy Spirit in our casual clothes and popular music as we are in our uniforms and brass bands, the result will be about the same.

The Salvation Army was known as a spiritual movement. Today there is little spirit and less movement. We need a revival, and I doubt if that will come as a result of our becoming palatable to the public.

We need to drink from the cup and take up the cross. We need to be as dedicated and focused as the Oakland Band was as they prepared for open air in 1886.

Doug McMahon, C.S.M.
Asbury Park N.T.S.


I was relieved to read that someone else had the same reaction to “Titanic,” the movie, that I did. Of even greater interest was to read Major Chick Yuill’s comments in the last section of his column regarding the kind of questions we should be asking ourselves as we approach the beginning of the next century. They are uncomfortable questions, but they do need to be asked…and answered!

Lt. Colonel David Luginbuhl
Divisional Commander
Winnipeg, Canada

Bosnian hello

I have just had a look at your paper, New Frontier, from the Western Territory. I just wanted to say that we here at the SA Bosnia like your papers and we do get them often.

Sipovo, Bosnia
TSA local volunteer

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