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This edition of New Frontier (Nov. 26) was outstanding. The piece on The Salvation Army’s receiving one billion dollars was fascinating. The piece on the Irvine Foundation uniting four divisions and four counties lifted my heart with joy as the effective model of service to welfare clients who must return to work. I applaud you and Gordon Bingham, and consultant Debbie Angel, in this coordinated effort.

I pray everyone read “On the Corner”–“They never learned the basic response to riptides. They had gotten into something about which they were poorly informed, undereducated, ignorant.”

Then, Lt. Col. Morelock’s piece on the Attitude of Gratitude regarding U. of Edinburgh scholar-preacher John Baille was a deep tribute to Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (1935). Wilson was a student of William James Edinburgh lectures in 1906. Bill promoted the attitude of gratitude of recovering alcoholics as a direct inspiration from James’ book, The Educational Varieties of Religious Experiences. A wonderful edition, and I thank you for it.

Anne Taylor, B.S.W., M.A., Director
Lifestyle Adjustment Center
Sparks, Nev.

Thanks from Modesto

Thank you for the excellent photoarticle on our work here in Modesto and especially for the way you focused on our officers, Captains Joe and Shawn Poscillico. We are really blessed to have them–in my 26 years on the Modesto board and the 11 years I served on the NAB I saw very few officers with the effectiveness and sensitivity of these two.

Just yesterday our food distribution efficiently served 1800 families in three hours, compared to just 1200 a year ago. (I suppose that the vestiges of the great New Year’s flood still linger in our fair city.)

Thanks, too, for the good job you do at New Frontier. I get to see most of the territorial papers–you are the standard of excellence for this field.

Dick Hagerty
Chairman, Modesto Board

Bellringing brings satisfaction

I am for many years of The Salvation Army of Port Angeles and proud to be a Senior soldier of this corps. I wrote the following to our local paper, which they published, and … I thought you might like to put in New Frontier:

Job Warms Heart

“Are you cold?” I am always asked when I am ringing the bells for The Salvation Army. I answer, “No,” because it warms my heart, feet, and hands when little children put money in the drum without their parents telling them to do so.

I also enjoy seeing friends when I ring the bell. Some I don’t remember from years past, but they remember me. It’s the satisfaction of helping the wonderful Salvation Army with all they do for others all over the world and even in our small town.

Margaret Anderson
Port Angeles, Wash.


I follow Bob Bearchell’s column and find it interesting on Army happenings and personnel. I thoroughly enjoy New Frontier and find it to be an exciting and inspirational publication.

Colonel Thomas G. Gorman (R)
Asbury Park, N.J.

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