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Congratulations on your August 21 issue. This is an excellent production which focuses so well on some of the most turbulent areas of the world and in which The Salvation Army has had an impact through its emergency relief work.

Mark Brown, Captain
Director, Office of Media Ministries
Dallas, TX

A first Congress family

Thank you for your (historical) work. In June, I was surprised to see the article of the first Western Territory Congress in 1922. That meant that my parents, Capt. and Mrs. Tom Mitchell in the Washington Division, might have been there. I was overjoyed! They were in the front row, lower left hand corner: Dad standing with the drum and Mother right behind him…This year’s Victory Congress was my first to miss, as I can no longer travel.

Brigadier Eva Bawden (R)
Albuquerque, N.M.

“Primary” response

I would like to take issue with Lt. Kris Potter’s article, “A ‘Primary’ Mission,” (New Frontier, September 17). How can we justify our first priority as evangelism, with holiness coming after? Before we offer anyone one iota of what we claim to have, we must be certain we have it.

Our doctrines lay out the order of our priorities. Doctrines 1-10 speak of God’s holiness and his Word, our sinfulness and need for salvation and sanctification. In Doctrine 11, we are led to the condition of the world. The Salvation Army is a holiness movement, by historical definition and theology. If we are to get back to basics, this is where we must begin.

Robert Reardon, Cadet
Western CFOT

Jones Reports from Congo

Jones Reports from Congo

On the Firing Line By Eleanor Jones –  (Ed

Burrows Continues Active Role

Burrows Continues Active Role

by Robert Docter – On entry into retirement, all humans are confronted by

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