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Easter Issue

Thanks for your revelation on “The Yancey We Never Knew”! A journalistic coup of the first order! Yancey may well head the list of creative, seminal and provocative writers of the evangelical tradition today… It’s always of interest and illuminating to have behind the scenes insights on an author whom you otherwise know only from his books.

Thanks also to Frances Dingman for writing about Herbert Booth! One of the luminaries of the Army’s beginnings, but generally relegated to obscurity in our annals of history…I rate him second only to Orsborn for his contribution to our repertoire of devotional songs.

Col. Henry Gariepy (R)
Toms River, N.J.

Strike up the band

I feel I must write you about the Southern California Youth Band. They were on tour here in England and they were great. Not only was the playing good, but the testimonies of the young people were worth listening to. Also the commitment of each young person could be felt in all they did. May I say it was a pleasure to listen to them as they spoke to people before and after meetings.

Mums, Dads, youth workers, officers and above all the Lord can be justly proud of them.

I can’t wait to see and hear them again during the Congress at Long Beach Temple. God bless you all!

Ruth Jones
Bromley Temple
Bromley Kent, England

Double Duty

Double Duty

Yuillogistically Speaking By Major Chick Yuill –  I am writing this



CONCERTINA WANTED–30 or more button concertina

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