Leslies welcomed as new divisional leaders

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Commissioners Swyers officially install Majors Victor and Rose-Marie Leslie as Southern California leaders.

by Robert Brennan –

Left to right: Major Steve Bradley, Majors Rose-Marie and Victor Leslie and Commissioners Philip and Pat Swyers. [Photo by Marcos Roman]

Recently, at Los Angeles Congress Hall, Commissioners Philip and Patricia Swyers officially installed Majors Victor and Rose-Marie Leslie as Divisional Commander and Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries, respectively, for the Southern California Division. Leslie is the division’s first African-American divisional commander.

The Leslies promised to lead the division with humility and reliance on God. They presented a joint sermon titled, “Attempt great things for God…Expect great things from God.”

Major Victor Leslie, born in St. Vincent, West Indies, is the child of Salvation Amy officers Cameron and Embla Leslie. He holds a law degree and M.B.A., and worked as a teacher and a banker before he was commissioned as an officer in 1980. He attended the Army’s Brengle Institute in 1995 and the International College for Officers in 1997. Leslie served as the divisional finance secretary in the Northern California, Golden State, and Intermountain divisions. In 1998, he was appointed to the Caribbean Territory as the territorial finance secretary and territorial secretary for business administration. His last post was as Western territorial finance secretary.

Major Rose-Marie Leslie is a first-generation Salvationist, born in Jamaica. She entered The Salvation Army Training College out of high school in 1975 and was commissioned in 1977. She holds bachelor’s degrees in social work and nursing and a master’s degree in human services administration. She served as divisional women’s ministries secretary for the Intermountain Division and in 1998, she was appointed to the Caribbean Territory as the territorial League of Mercy secretary, territorial sponsorship director and project secretary, and subsequently as the territorial secretary for program. Her recent Western Territory appointments included assistant secretary for women’s ministries and Fellowship of the Silver Star secretary.

The Leslies look forward to shepherding the Southern California Division into a new era of spreading the word of God and “Doing the Most Good.”

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