Leeward Corps Soldier ‘Citizen of the Year’

Citizen of the Year

GOOD CITIZEN–(l-r) Claiborne D. Haughton, Jr., Christi Taylor and Captain John E. Tufts celebrate the “Citizen of the Year” award given to Christi.

by Judy Lee – 

At the Federal Week Awards Luncheon in Honolulu recently, Leeward Corps soldier Christina Taylor received the Citizen of the Year Award for her selfless service to the U.S. Army, Fort Shafter and the nearby community, the 516th Signal Brigade and to thousands of people in need.

Taylor, a resident of Fort Shafter since 1996, spearheaded a number of important programs and projects designed to enhance the quality of life for families in her community. She demonstrated exemplary leadership and talent in fostering understanding between civilian and federal communities.

Without her tenacity and dedication, the Boy Scout troop at Fort Shafter would have folded. Then, through the Leeward Corps, she established an additional troop primarily for youngsters residing in low-income housing areas in the community, who ordinarily would not have had access to these activities. Taylor is there for the families also, providing instruction, education, and more importantly a friendly shoulder.

Taylor works as a resident teacher in the Fort Shafter after-school program. She goes beyond the requirements of her job by interfacing with local elementary school teachers and helping remedy students’ weak areas. From private tutoring to individual study programs, her personal achievements in that area alone resulted in a better community.

At The Salvation Army, Taylor works hard to make the corps a focal point for youth gatherings and religious instruction. She works tirelessly during holiday seasons. This past Christmas, her efforts were directly responsible for over 2,500 children receiving toys and gifts, as well as almost 600 families receiving Christmas dinners. She teaches religious education to the corps youth, most of whom come from low-income housing areas. Were it not for the attention she gives them, most of these young people would have little or none.

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