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FORTY ENTHUSIASTIC students participated in the LA Korean Corps’ summer school program for children in kindergarten through grade 8.


School may have just started for the fall, but Captains Ruth and John Lee, Los Angeles Korean Corps officers, are already in the swing of it.

For the past four years, the Lees have focused their energies on a summer school program they provide for children in kindergarten through eighth grade. This year, 40 students from low-income families were enrolled. Their parents work full time and pay only a minimal fee.

“We conduct this summer school as part of our commitment to serve the needs of inner city youth,” Captain Ruth Lee said.

Children are provided with instruction in English, math, science, Korean, social studies and swimming; they also take part in worship during morning chapel services.

A separate program offers English for those recently arriving from Korea. Transportation to and from school is provided personally by the Lees.

Volunteers and a few paid university students help the Lees.

Ninety percent of the children who attend are Christians and about one third of their families attend the corps.

Thanks to the Lees, the love of Jesus is being expressed in tangible ways for the hope of a bright future for these children.

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