Las Vegas Opens Pathways Program for Homeless Mentally Ill

Southwest Division

By Sumner Dodge –

The new “Pathways” building was recently dedicated in Las Vegas, Nev., according to Lt. Colonels Jim and Maud Sullivan. U.S. Senator Richard Bryant headed the list of featured guests, which included City Councilman Michael McDonald, Louis J. Kislin of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Major David Hudson, Southwest divisional secretary. William Paynter, Advisory Board vice chairman, presided.

The new $850,000 Pathways building has been opened at the 5.4 acre social service complex in Las Vegas. Over $4.2 million in new facilities have been added to this center during the past three years.

To help the homeless who are chronically mentally ill, The Salvation Army received in 1995 a $1.876 million grant from HUD to start a PATHWAYS program. The grant provided $400,000 toward constructing a facility consisting of dormitories (21 beds for men, 21 for women), classrooms, and offices.

A total of $1.476 million is provided for the operating costs of the program for the first three years, 75 percent for the first two years and 50 percent the third year.

The Pathways program will build on the experience gained from the Path program started in the fall of 1993. This pilot program has successfully returned dozens of mentally ill men and women to independent living during the last three years. However, limited staffing and space allowed the program to serve only 12-15 clients at a time.

The Path program will be continued as an outpatient service, serving the mentally ill homeless throughout the community.

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