Las Vegas, NM teens bring Broadway to town


PERFORMING “It’s a Grand Night for Singing” at the Las Vegas, New Mex. corps are (l-r) Krystal Johnson, Santiago Vigil, Roberta Sons, Christina Deel, Billy Evans and Rebecca Sons.

Broadway came to Las Vegas, New Mexico, as the Las Vegas Corps presented their fourth spring concert, featuring songs from State Fair, Hair, My Fair Lady, Camelot, Guys & Dolls, Fame and a host of other Broadway productions.

The concert, a fundraiser for the corps’ teens and young adults programs, was sold out for all three performances. Directed by Envoy Peggy Sons, the cast and crew numbered 12, all of whom became familiar with production aspects ranging from choreography and stage sets to costumes, lighting, and sound.

While primarily designed to raise funds, the concert also provides an introduction to The Salvation Army for many participants and concert-goers. “We had a young man volunteer to help serve food and now wants to be part of the group,” said Envoy Stan Sons.


“While being uncompromising in the basics of our faith, we will seek to be attuned to the time, to the place and to the people.”

It also strengthened corps participation. “Seven of the young people in the production went to Youth Councils, where they all went to the altar. Three are starting soldiership classes and one was enrolled as a soldier recently.” He notes that one girl’s parents are now coming to Sunday services, and that each year three or four people make commitments to God.

“Of our young people involved, two are foster kids, four are from broken homes, three are in special education classes. For the first time ever, all of our folks are in choir in school.” Three of the youth will be part of the Southwest’s Gospel Choir at the Millennial Congress in Atlanta.

Sons is interested in starting a summer program along the same line. “We would like to open this up to teens and young adults from other areas. Since most of our group are too old to go to summer camp, we feel it would be a great time to do a four to six week program. I would welcome hearing of any interest from other corps.”

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