L.A. Korean Wins in So Calif.

LA KOREAN–Shown with the L.A. Korean Singing Company are: (l-r) divisional music leaders Chris and Faye Mallett, Lt. Col. Alfred Van Cleef and Lt. Ruth Lee.

Under the leadership of Divisional Music Leaders Chris and Faye Mallett, almost 400 soldiers, officers and friends joined together at the Long Beach Citadel Corps for an afternoon of praise and celebration.

The Korean Corps Singing Company, led by Lt. Ruth Lee, won the year’s competition, followed closely by the Whittier Laotian Corps, second place, and Tustin Ranch, third. The Santa Ana Temple Corps was presented with the Divisional Commander’s Award, for being the unit showing the most progress and development in terms of their singing company program.

Lt. Colonel Alfred R. Van Cleef, Southern California divisional commander, commented that he was glad he was not a judge because the quality of each group was so high. Charged with this difficult task were Helen Ridgewell, Margaret Arnold and Captain Judith Smith.

Singing Company Competition Announced

Singing Company Competition Announced

by Ivor Bosanko –  The Territorial Singing Company competition will be

South San Francisco Adds to Ranks

South San Francisco Adds to Ranks

  The South San Francisco Citadel Corps was full of the promise of new life

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