Kunz, Albizurez, Posillicos, and Gomeses named ‘Frontiersman of the Year’

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Dr. Kevin Kunz served as a member of the Kona, Hawaii, Corps Advisory Board from 1991 to 1999. He worked with the officers of the Kona Corps to spearhead development of a free medical clinic for those with no insurance. Since its opening in April 1994 it has continued to provide health care services one night a week for almost six years, with the support of doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, and other volunteers in the community. He worked almost every Tuesday night for over four years as the medical director and continues to serve in that capacity, supervising a volunteer physician assistant and assuring overall quality of care.

Dr. Kunz has participated since January 1997 as a member of the Kona Corps Primary Health Care Task Force, which advises The Salvation Army on expansion of the Volunteer Health Clinic. In addition to other works in the community, Kunz epitomizes the dedicated physician and is well qualified as a Frontiersman of the Year.

Captains Joe and Shawn Posillico, Stanis-laus County coordinator and corps officers at the Modesto, Calif., Citadel, have given outstanding leadership. They are recognized in the community as significant Christian leaders, involving hundreds of volunteers in an annual Sports Recog-nition Luncheon featuring a well-known player. Ticket sales for this event contribute to Modesto Army work. Their Christ-mas kettle program is outstanding, with total proceeds of $35,000 last year.

The corps has experienced significant growth in numbers and spiritual maturity during the past five years. They are now taking on a $1 million senior nutrition meal project formerly run by the county. The Posillicos well deserve their nomination as Frontiersmen of the Year.

Maria Albizurez has made a tremendous difference in The Salvation Army at Santa Ana, Calif., Temple Corps. Her giving spirit is demonstrated through her many responsibilities in the church, such as leader of the home church; Sunday school teacher, Girl Guards and Home League.

She has won more than 30 people to God, who now attend regularly. Maria is always ready to share her faith, especially during the bus trips to her job. Even though working and commuting long hours she always manages to be at church. Maria is truly a fine example of a Frontiersman of the Year.

Envoys Dianne and Michael Gomes have made great strides in their programming efforts at the Roswell, New Mex., Corps. Their management abilities have been outstanding, and much progress has been made financially through their work. They have successfully followed up those attending divisional vacation Bible school and connected many with the corps. In the community they have had a definite impact. For example, a business recently gave 20% of one day’s income to The Salvation Army. This was so successful that the business is encouraging others to do the same. The Gomeses surely deserve the designation, Frontiersman of the Year.

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