Krugerrands for Christmas

Mysterious giver drops gold coins in red kettle nationwide.

Lt. Sarah Smuda shows off a gold Krugerrand found in a Salvation Army kettle in Hawaii. [Photo by Sirley Smuda]

Lt. Sarah Smuda, Hanapepe, Hawaii corps officer, was familiar with the urban legend of the anonymous donor—or donors—who yearly drops gold coins in red kettles across the U.S., but she never thought one would appear in her kettle.

Every year an unknown supporter randomly drops the Krugerrands in Salvation Army kettles across the nation. Reports from Oklahoma City, Okla., and Denver, Colo., indicate that the unidentified giver also made a visit to two of their kettles.

“Every Salvation Army knows the story of the gold coin. You hear about it but don’t really expect it to happen. This is just such a bizarre thing,” Smuda said.

In Hanapepe the coin added $1,200 to their kettle income, which brought their kettle income to one-tenth of their 2010 budget.

The Salvation Army Portland Tabernacle Corps also received one of the South African Krugerrands. The generous gift will help the corps assist the more than 6,000 families that turn to the Army for help throughout the year.

Special “thank yous” go out from the corps to the unidentified contributor who gave so generously. The gifts will enable The Salvation Army to continue “Doing the Most Good” for those who desperately need it.

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