Kroc centers: one step closer

by Sue Schumann Warner – 

The Western Territory is one step closer to identifying locations for its new Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers with completion of the process’ first phase: submission of 19 feasibility applications.

Each of the West’s 10 divisions submitted at least one application, which identified the means by which they would meet four goals established by the West for the development and operation of the Centers. These goals are: to advance the mission of The Salvation Army; to reflect the vision of Joan Kroc; to use Joan Kroc’s funds and other resources to develop Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers expeditiously and in a fiscally responsible manner; and to use Joan Kroc’s funds and other resources to respond to local needs on a sustained basis.

“Joan Kroc’s gift will give unparalleled opportunity for new ministry in the West,” said Kroc project coordinator Lt. Colonel Don McDougald, assistant to the chief secretary. “It will open the door to thousands of lives to be touched by her generosity and to have the opportunity to hear about the Lord.”

In phase two, a 15-member committee will review the proposals and evaluate them according to set criteria. Broken into three teams (Finance and Development, Program, and Property and Legal) the chairs are, respectively, Leroy Thieme, Major Ivy Hood, and McDougald.

The committee’s final report and recommendations are due July 8.

In addition to the 1.6 billion dollars Kroc left in her trust to be divided equally between the four U.S. territories, she left two pieces of property to the Army: a home in Indian Wells, Calif., valued at $6 million, and a 12-acre, $20 million estate near La Jolla, Calif. As each is sold, funds will be transferred to national headquarters and again divided equally for the four territory’s use for the Kroc Centers.

“Even having known Mrs. Kroc personally,” said Lt. Colonel Donald Bell, chief secretary “and witnessing her astounding generosity in San Diego, her gift of $1.6 billion was beyond imagination. I have great expectations for the successful planting of new Ray and Joan Kroc Community Centers throughout the West.”


Anchorage, Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska

Salem, Oregon

Oakland, California
Concord, California

Golden State DIVISION
San Francisco Tenderloin,
San Jose, California
Fresno, California

Hawaiian and Pacific
Hawaiian Kapolei, Hawaii

Intermountain DIVISION
Aurora/Metro Denver, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado

Northwest DIVISION
Tacoma, Washington
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Seattle, Washington

Sierra Del Mar DIVISION
Imperial County/El Centro,

Long Beach, California
Pasadena, California

Southwest DIVISION
Phoenix South Mountain, Arizona and Clark County/Las Vegas,

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