KEY CHANGES-Music and gospel arts program initiated

Commissioner Swyers, Music and Worship Development department announce new initiative

by Neil Smith – 

For generations, Salvation Army music has stirred hearts and played an enormous part in our worship and denominational culture. Acknowledging the importance of music to Army soldiers, officers, adherents and music lovers in general, the Western Territory is launching an exciting Music and Gospel Arts initiative!

We are truly excited about the developments announced here. Spearheaded by Territorial Commander, Commissioner Philip Swyers, it is his hope that the new territorial music sections and leadership development opportunities offered will seize the interest of musicians—young and old—throughout the west. They have the potential to enrich the lives and worship experience of every Salvationist in the Western Territory.

During the past few months, cabinet-level and divisional leaders throughout the territory approved the initiative to generate renewed interest and excitement for The Salvation Army’s music and gospel arts programs.

Training in traditional Salvation Army music such as bands and songsters is included but all elements of Salvation Army music and gospel arts will receive attention. Through a bi-annual Worship Arts Retreat, the development of skills and resources for praise teams, mime and drama groups, dance and other art forms used in worship will receive a strong emphasis.

With this increase in activity in an already busy department, we will be shortly adding an Instrumental Development Specialist. This person will be developing a training program for instrumental development – brass, piano, guitar etc which will help our people develop their individual skills, which will in turn benefit the corps of the territory and enhance our worship experiences.

THQ plans to sponsor workshops throughout the territory, planned in consultation with corps and DHQs that are focused on meeting real needs and encouraging musicians and artists.

These plans are designed to help bolster the great things already happening in our territory! Your prayers are crucial, as this exciting, life-changing initiative is unveiled to the territory. We ask for God’s blessing in the revitalization of music and worship arts throughout the west.

Media and ministry

Media and ministry

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What’s in the new initiative?

What’s in the new initiative?

Territorial Youth Band & Chorus The Territorial Youth Band (TYB) will be

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